How To Ensure That Your Commercial Doors Are As Secure As Possible

When you think about securing your business from theft and other crimes, you probably think about things like installing security cameras and a burglar alarm. Although these aspects of security are also very important, there is one even more simple thing that you can start with — your commercial doors. By ensuring that your commercial doors are as secure as possible, you can help prevent burglary and other crimes and can feel more safe and secure when leaving your commercial building unattended.

Choose a Commercial-Grade Door

First and foremost, it’s important to choose a strong and sturdy commercial-grade door. The American National Standards Institute certifies doors with various grades. It’s important to look for a Grade 1 rating to ensure that your door is prepared for commercial application and is as strong as possible.

Make Sure Your Door is Properly Installed

Don’t just let your average handyman install your commercial doors for you. Avoid doing it yourself unless you have experience. It’s important for you to door to be securely attached so that it can’t be easily tampered with or removed. A commercial door installation company should be able to do the job for you for a reasonable price.

Install a Deadbolt

Every commercial door should have at least one deadbolt. Ensure that the deadbolt is strong, in good condition and is designed for commercial use. It can also help to add at least one other lock to help keep your door secure.

Install Motion Sensors

One easy and affordable form of security is to install motion sensors on all of your commercial doors. You can have your security company do so, or you can opt to install them yourself. Regardless, motion sensors can cause your alarm to go off any time that your door is tampered with or opened after-hours, which can drastically help reduce the chance of burglary or other crimes.

Avoid Glass

Depending on the type of business that you run, you may want to avoid glass doors — or doors that have glass panes — if you really want to cut down on burglary attempts. Solid metal doors are typically a safer choice because they can’t be easily broken.

As you can see, there are a handful of ways that you can make your commercial doors as secure as possible. Follow these tips, and you can help cut down on the risk of crimes being committed on your commercial property. To learn more, contact a company like Steel Doors with any questions or concerns you might have.

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How An Industrial Crane Can Be Used For Moving Furniture Into A High-Rise Apartment

Moving into a high-rise apartment can be a headache when you have large pieces of furniture that are hard to fit in an elevator. You don’t have to worry about carrying the furniture up a long flight of stairs if you invest in an industrial crane to handle the work. In this article, you will discover how an industrial crane can be used for getting large furniture into a high-rise apartment, as well as the cost to rent one.

How Can an Industrial Crane Be Used for Moving Furniture into a High-Rise?

An industrial crane is useful for moving large pieces into a high-rise apartment only if there are large windows or patio doors to get them inside. The crane can be attached to the furniture to lift it up to your apartment. Your furniture will be safe on the way up no matter which floor you are living on, so don’t worry about anything falling off.

You will need a crane that is equipped with a mechanical hoist for the task to be successful. The crane will come with straps that must be wrapped around your furniture. A hook on the mechanical hoist will then be attached to the straps so the furniture can be lifted into the air.

What is the Cost to Rent an Industrial Crane?

The cost for an industrial crane rental will depend on the size you are renting for the task. It is common for a crane rental to cost an average of up to $800 per day, depending on the company it is rented from. Many crane rental companies, such as American Equipment Inc, also give the option of renting cranes for only a few hours if you don’t need access to it for a full day.

You must also consider how the crane will be operated after it is at your location. You don’t have to worry about working it on your own. The crane company can send someone to your location to operate the crane for you, but be prepared to pay more money if you need such a service.

Getting large pieces of furniture in a high-rise apartment is not hard when you have the right equipment and large windows or doors. Rent a crane to get the job done fast and without having to break a sweat. Don’t forget to hire a crane operator through the rental company if you don’t have the skills to work it on your own!

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5 Important Considerations When Opening A Pet Bakery

Are you a professional baker, looking to go in a new direction? Are you considering opening a retail bakery that caters to furry clientele? Baking for pets such as cats and dogs may seem like an easy thing to do, but here are some things that you’ll want to consider:

  • Have many display cases: Although your tasty treats are going to be eaten by 4-legged friends, it’ll be their human “parents” buying them. Just like with a regular bakery, you’ll want to have your products temptingly displayed for everyone to see. Your customers may come in for a couple dog biscuits and end up leaving with some of your famous “dog cupcakes” as well, once they see how appealing they are.
  • Use deck ovens: Using professional deck ovens is the key to baking multiple batches of treats at once. Because of their size, deck ovens are ideal for evenly baking dog biscuits and other pet treats. Unlike some other types of commercial ovens, there is much less worry about potential hot and cold spots when baking denser pet treats. For more information, contact American Baking System or a similar company.
  • Don’t just focus on cats and dogs: While owners of cats and dogs may make up the majority of your customers, you should also consider catering to other pets that are popular in your area. Guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters all enjoy similar foods, in different sizes. You could even bake cookies for birds, using hot chili peppers as decoration to make them stand out.
  • Set up a prep area in plain view: In many normal bakeries, the prep work is all done behind the scenes, and all you see is the finished product. However, many pet owners are concerned about what goes into their “furry child’s” food, so they will enjoy being able to see that everything is being made fresh. Position at least one set of deck ovens near the counter, so that customers can see what’s being baked today. 
  • Have some non-allergenic foods: Just like humans, there are pets that are allergic to various types of food. Although the most common dog food allergen is actually beef, many customers are now choosing to feed their pets grain-free food as well. This is perceived by some pet owners to be healthier and more natural than a food made mainly of wheat or corn. Having a display of grain-free and low-allergen treats will help to attract more potential customers to your bakery.
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