5 Important Considerations When Opening A Pet Bakery

Are you a professional baker, looking to go in a new direction? Are you considering opening a retail bakery that caters to furry clientele? Baking for pets such as cats and dogs may seem like an easy thing to do, but here are some things that you’ll want to consider:

  • Have many display cases: Although your tasty treats are going to be eaten by 4-legged friends, it’ll be their human “parents” buying them. Just like with a regular bakery, you’ll want to have your products temptingly displayed for everyone to see. Your customers may come in for a couple dog biscuits and end up leaving with some of your famous “dog cupcakes” as well, once they see how appealing they are.
  • Use deck ovens: Using professional deck ovens is the key to baking multiple batches of treats at once. Because of their size, deck ovens are ideal for evenly baking dog biscuits and other pet treats. Unlike some other types of commercial ovens, there is much less worry about potential hot and cold spots when baking denser pet treats. For more information, contact American Baking System or a similar company.
  • Don’t just focus on cats and dogs: While owners of cats and dogs may make up the majority of your customers, you should also consider catering to other pets that are popular in your area. Guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters all enjoy similar foods, in different sizes. You could even bake cookies for birds, using hot chili peppers as decoration to make them stand out.
  • Set up a prep area in plain view: In many normal bakeries, the prep work is all done behind the scenes, and all you see is the finished product. However, many pet owners are concerned about what goes into their “furry child’s” food, so they will enjoy being able to see that everything is being made fresh. Position at least one set of deck ovens near the counter, so that customers can see what’s being baked today. 
  • Have some non-allergenic foods: Just like humans, there are pets that are allergic to various types of food. Although the most common dog food allergen is actually beef, many customers are now choosing to feed their pets grain-free food as well. This is perceived by some pet owners to be healthier and more natural than a food made mainly of wheat or corn. Having a display of grain-free and low-allergen treats will help to attract more potential customers to your bakery.

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