How To Ensure That Your Commercial Doors Are As Secure As Possible

When you think about securing your business from theft and other crimes, you probably think about things like installing security cameras and a burglar alarm. Although these aspects of security are also very important, there is one even more simple thing that you can start with — your commercial doors. By ensuring that your commercial doors are as secure as possible, you can help prevent burglary and other crimes and can feel more safe and secure when leaving your commercial building unattended.

Choose a Commercial-Grade Door

First and foremost, it’s important to choose a strong and sturdy commercial-grade door. The American National Standards Institute certifies doors with various grades. It’s important to look for a Grade 1 rating to ensure that your door is prepared for commercial application and is as strong as possible.

Make Sure Your Door is Properly Installed

Don’t just let your average handyman install your commercial doors for you. Avoid doing it yourself unless you have experience. It’s important for you to door to be securely attached so that it can’t be easily tampered with or removed. A commercial door installation company should be able to do the job for you for a reasonable price.

Install a Deadbolt

Every commercial door should have at least one deadbolt. Ensure that the deadbolt is strong, in good condition and is designed for commercial use. It can also help to add at least one other lock to help keep your door secure.

Install Motion Sensors

One easy and affordable form of security is to install motion sensors on all of your commercial doors. You can have your security company do so, or you can opt to install them yourself. Regardless, motion sensors can cause your alarm to go off any time that your door is tampered with or opened after-hours, which can drastically help reduce the chance of burglary or other crimes.

Avoid Glass

Depending on the type of business that you run, you may want to avoid glass doors — or doors that have glass panes — if you really want to cut down on burglary attempts. Solid metal doors are typically a safer choice because they can’t be easily broken.

As you can see, there are a handful of ways that you can make your commercial doors as secure as possible. Follow these tips, and you can help cut down on the risk of crimes being committed on your commercial property. To learn more, contact a company like Steel Doors with any questions or concerns you might have.

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