How To Maintain Your Cam Lock Hose Fittings

Cam lock hose fittings are used for quick and easy hose connectivity in a variety of settings. Cam lock hose fittings are found on fire hoses, in industrial settings and on home brewing equipment. The great advantage of cam lock hose fittings is that these fittings allow hoses to be easily connected or disconnected without taking the time to screw the fittings into place. Knowing how to store and maintain your cam lock hose fitting will ensure that you get the most use out of your cam lock fitting, and will also ensure that your cam lock fitting will last for many years. 

Storing Your Cam Lock Hose Fittings

Store your cam lock hose fitting in a dry, cool location. Avoid storing your cam lock hose fitting in a location where it will be exposed to excessive moisture and temperature extremes. 

Inspecting Your Cam Lock Hose Fitting

Inspect your cam lock periodically to ensure that the cam lock is in proper working order. Your cam lock hose fitting is comprised of a coupler with two cam arms and a gasket, and an adapter with no moving parts. The coupler is the part of the cam lock that is typically called the “female” part of the hose fitting, while the adapter is the “male” part of the hose fitting. 

To inspect your cam lock hose fitting, start by removing the gasket inside the coupler. The gasket should not have nicks, cuts or gouges. There should be no dirt or mold on the gasket. Gaskets that display cracks or damage must be replaced before the cam lock hose fitting can be used. 

Next, inspect the adapter in the location where it seals against the gasket. There should be no gouges or pits in the adapter. Gouges or pits will negatively impact the ability of the adapter to seal properly against the coupler. 

Finally, insert the adapter into the coupler until the cam arms are raised. Lower the cam arms to seal the adapter against the coupler. The adapter should insert into the coupler easily, without pressure being applied. If pressure must be applied to insert the adapter into the coupler, this is an indication that the adapter is ill-fitted for the coupler, or that the adapter has become warped. Either way, the adapter must be replaced. 


If necessary, clean the adapter and coupler. The intended purpose for your cam lock hose fitting may determine how you clean the fitting. For example, if your coupler and adapter are used for home brewing purposes, clean the cam lock hose fitting with the same no-rinse sanitizer that you use to clean your other brewing equipment. In the case of a cam lock hose fitting used for a purpose like fire fighting, scrub the fitting a brush dipped in a combination of water and bleach. This will remove dirt and mildew.  

Cam lock hose fittings are very tough and easy to maintain. Following these steps, your cam lock hose fitting should last for many years. 

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